In Moore, Skate Moore is known by birthday-going-kiddos and roller blade enthusiasts, alike.

What many may not know is those looking to improve their health should look no further than Skate Moore. Because of a recent health initiative, Skate Moore is now offering local elementary schools in the Moore school district a new way to experience health and wellness. The health benefits associated with roller skating are vast and varied; it’s an activity the whole family can enjoy. After raising an impressive $2,000 during the last school year, Skate Moore has decided to promote “Schools for a Healthy Lifestyle,” through a weekly healthy skate night.

The night will take place every Thursday from 6-9 p.m. According to Skate Moore’s website, “The charge is a nominal fee of $3.00 per person, which also includes regular skates. The school child [can] bring their friends and family with them, and every participating skater earns $1.00 for the school. They may include their brothers, sisters and friends as well as parents, and everyone pays the $3.00 fee per person! The more people you bring, the more money the school receives!”

Skate Moore is located at 527 NW 1st St. For more information on times and dates for