When it comes to politics, you likely fall into one of two categories: you love them or you hate them. 

This election year, in general, seems to have influenced a stronger-than-usual polarization on the topic. That’s why we’ve decided to stay away from the national election altogether and focus more closely on hometown roots. Here are the top five ways you can become politically involved in your community.

Vote local- During election season, it’s easy to get sucked up into the national political vortex. However, a large portion of your day- to-day life is more closely a elected by local officials. That’s why we think it’s super important to vote in local elections! Get informed, stand in line, and cast a ballot!

Know your district- If you need to talk to your local representative, who you gonna call? e district you live in determines which candidates you’re eligible to vote for in elections for the U.S. House of Representatives, the Oklahoma State Senate and the Oklahoma State House of Representatives. Unsure of which district you’re in for which election? Just visit www.oklegislature.gov and enter your address, and you’ll be able to discover your district numbers. 

Answer the question- The race for candidacy is not the only important part of an election. is season, there are a couple of state questions on the ballot, sent to referendum and now on the shoulders of the people, so to speak. State questions for this election include topics on liquor laws, education funding and the death penalty. 

A state of education- For some school districts and areas of the state, the education system could use a few fixes. There are many teachers that are currently running for state office, in an effort to try to improve education legislation in the state. Learn about the candidates and vote to help improve education for Oklahoma children.

Find your moral compass- No matter what opinion you hold, politics boils down to one thing... your opinion. Becoming informed about issues is important, but finding your stance on the issues is imperative. Vote your conscious and make a difference in your community.