Freshly sharpened pencils, new backpacks, and a teensy hint of denial - ah, the sweet smell of August.

Back to school is tough for the whole family, but these apps can help your kids get off to a great start! Don’t let the title fool you though; there are a few apps in here that are great for parents as well.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online portal with free access to over 100,000 exercises and videos on a variety of subjects from physics to US history. This app gives your kids access to free tutoring on subjects they struggle with and the opportunity to dig a little deeper into subjects their interested in. What could be better?


Learning a new language is a major part of modern education, no doubt, but new languages are hard to master without extensive practice. This app gives your kids the opportunity to practice their new language skills in bite-sized lessons that feel more like games than homework. In fact, an independent study found that 34 hours of Duolingo are equal to a whole college semester!

• Evernote

Evernote is a note taking app that links to all your devices, creating a seamless flow of organization. All your notes are organized in one location and saved on the cloud. It can help you keep the whole family on track and can be great for class notes as well.

• Quizlet

Quizlet allows you to create personalized set of digital flashcards and quizzes. It’s big on the college scene because of the option to work with other students to create and share flashcard sets as a team. Quizlet also operates a website that will sync with your app account, offering a seamless study experience no matter what device your kids prefer.

• Stylebook

Back-to-school usually means back-to-school shopping! Here’s an app to make that process work for you. Stylebook allows you to store pictures of every piece of clothing in your closet, and its features let you put together outfits, track how often you wear certain pieces, and consult what you already own as you shop for new clothes. Your kids can plan their school outfits on-the-go, and you can curate their closets and make smarter choices about what clothes to buy and what clothes to retire. It’s a great way to make the most of your dollars and your wardrobe!