With February comes the rush of all-things love. Chocolates line store shelves, and flower bouquets dot desks in offices across the country. Whether you’re with the one you love or riding solo, this month is the perfect time to start focusing on what you love and spending more time living the life that makes your heart happy. Here are a few ideas to help you kick your lovable life into high gear.

1. Hone in on a Hobby.

One of the first steps to living a life you love is doing what you love. While having the job of your dreams is a nice bonus, not everyone loves their job all the time. That’s where finding and pursuing a hobby comes in handy. Once you find your niche, take it and run with it. Love movies? Make it a point to visit your local theater for the newest box office success. Does running make you happy? Carve time out of your schedule to get your heart racing, literally.

2. Invest in Yourself. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re financially stable or working on a budget, saving a little each month to splurge on yourself can be a real treat. Whether you’ve been not-so-patiently waiting to try a new lip gloss or you’ve got your eye on a new wallet, making yourself a priority, even for something small, can make an impact.

3. Make People a Priority. 

With hectic schedules becoming norm, scheduling quality time with loved ones can often feel like a juggling act. Friends, family and significant others can all bring a little something extra to your day-to-day life, as well as cultivate some of life’s biggest milestones. When you’re surrounded by people who love you for you, it just makes living life that much sweeter.

4. Let Your Hair Down. 

It seems apparent enough, but many people often forget that an easy way to live life to the fullest is to simply have fun. There’s no harm in dancing to a top-40 song on the way to run errands or singing in the shower like you’re the next Adele. Having a little fun, even in the small moments, can go a long way.

5. Step Away From the Comfort Zone. 

It’s natural to think that we live our happiest lives in the warm and cozy safety of our comfort zones. However, some of life’s biggest adventures and rewards are waiting just outside of those familiar boundaries. Take a step outside of your comfort zone, and chances are you’ll learn something new about life and about yourself.