Batters beware.  

When junior Deer Creek pitcher, Mitchell Stone, takes the mound, it is pretty intimidating for anyone.  The 6’9 lefty, has had considerable success in his career as an Antler and is best known for his ferocious fastball that clocks in the low 90’s.  

Last year, Stone got the opportunity to play in the USA Tournament of Stars.  This achievement could lead to more All-American games and a place on the Team USA national squad. Stone is already an Oklahoma State commit, and there is a very good possibility that he will go on to the big leagues in the next few years. 

“He’s so far developed and polished that you forget he’s just a junior in high school,” Deer Creek baseball coach JP Holman said.  “You can tell and see his emotion in the dugout.  It’s genuine emotion, not false enthusiasm.  He’s the type of guy who gets off the bus from playing a game and goes to the track to start preparing for the next one.”

For a young pitcher who boasts four different pitches, Stone doesn’t allow too many batters to get a hit. In fact, he averages only about one earned run per game.  

“His strikeout numbers are through the roof,” said Holman. “For a guy as big as he is, he’s simplified it down, and just throws a lot of strikes.”

Perhaps for this pitching prodigy, the best is yet to come.