For many individuals, foot pain is a passing thought. Yes, feet get tired from walking on them daily or perhaps the uncomfortable moment a toe is stubbed reminds someone of the foot’s capacity for pain; however, many people spend their time worried about more “serious” types of pain like heart, lung or head. Peripheral Neuropathy is different.

For those suffering from this condition, the severity of foot and hand pain is almost unbearable—many have described neuropathy as “foot on fire,” or “stepping on pins.” Diabetes, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, strokes, kidney and liver problems, poor circulation, carpal tunnel sydrome as well as cancer can all result in the searing pain of neuropathy. As these conditions progress, they can cause a shrinking of the blood vessels in the arms, hands legs or feet resulting in pain, numbness, burning and/ or tingling. For those suffering with neuropathy, treatments are expensive and often fit the “one size fits all” mold; however at APEX Clinic, they offer a comprehensive program that includes advanced therapies to treat and rapidly resolve those nerve pain symptoms. They work with their patients in order to design a tailor-made treatment. For those living with neuropathy, hope and relief are options, and APEX is a step in the right direction.