Congratulations to Deer Creek Public School’s 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year, Eric Lyons. Eric has been teaching art for ten years and at Deer Creek High School for three. As one of several art teachers at Deer Creek High School, Eric specifically teaches Art I, III and Art IV/AP; however, his favorite subject is mixed media with a focus in photography.

Along with his classes, Eric also coaches track and cross country. While each of Deer Creek’s Teacher of the Year candidates were quite deserving, Eric has outdone himself these past years by providing an inviting atmosphere for his students to create and grow.

Outside the classroom and off the track, Eric is an active local artist and is in the process of starting his own shop, Hoof and Horn Supply Co. Eric’s hopes for Hoof and Horn is to double as a photography business and homemade goods store. While the website doesn’t have any products listed yet, he plans on selling leather, jewelry, and customized furniture. Keep up with Eric and his store Hoof and Horn Supply Co by visiting his website or by following him on Instagram @i_like_ boring_things.