Oh Oklahoma!

You have some truly wonderful offerings like sunsets, great football, nice locals and a low cost of living. However, as a landlocked state, you aren’t known for producing yummy seafood—until now.

Against all odds, we’ve found a local place responsible for scrumptious seafood dishes, sure to satisfy any under-the-sea craving—even if that sea is a few hundred miles away.

Fish City Grill

When it comes to seafood with a twist, Fish City Grill, located at 1389 E. 15th Suite in Edmond,

is the place to be. As the only Fish City Grill in the state, this seafood hot spot has been dishing out delicious food since 1994. With a motto like “Friendly Folks, Serious Seafood,” it’s no wonder it has been an Edmond staple for over a decade. Those looking for something healthy can look no further than the Quinoa, Kale and Salmon Salad or the yummy Peel-N-Eat Shrimp. Hoping to dig in to something a littler richer? The Shrimp and Grits or Beer-Battered Shrimp are both decadent options. No matter your appetite, Fish City Grill can satisfy it with fresh, made-to-order dishes.