The month of April had members of Henderson Hills Baptist Church (HHBC)seeing dots—green dots to be exact. 

The BigGreenDot Project is a global movement born in Edmond, that brings awareness to Christianity and the gospel of Jesus. Through gospel-driven, gospel-focused projects, HHBC aimed to impact every culture and demographic through their GreenDot outreach.

During the project, a green dot—whether placed on a phone, on a hand, in a car, on a mirror, etc. served as a reminder to the participants to make Jesus’ last command their first priority. Hillside Kids Creative Director, Kia Nelson, gave some backstory to the project: 

“It began with a God-given vision, a little green dot sticker and a whole lot of prayer. It was originally focused on empowering and equipping kids but has quickly grown into a movement for all ages. This generation has unlimited access to reach more people than any prior generation. We virtually have no limitations and can connect globally in a matter of seconds.” 

The months of April and March provided locals the opportunity to engage with their community,  show kindness and encouragement to others, raise awareness about their cause and participate in healthy activities like a half-mile and 5K color run. On April 27, HHBC hosted the BigGreenDot Night, a night of live music, bouncy houses, face painting, free food, prizes and the BigGreenDot Music Video, which featured children and teens from across the globe.

“The Lord said in Isaiah 6:8, ‘Whom shall I send, and who will go?,’” said Nelson. “The next move is yours. Will you go? ‘Go’ doesn’t necessarily mean move to Africa, ‘Go’ means ‘Go’ right where you are. If you are a follower of Christ, you are already a missionary and your mission field is exactly where God has placed you […] for such a time as this. The world will be changed because we are here.”