Call your dentist and start saving your allowance; at long last, Edmond is getting its very own candy shop. Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop is expected to open in downtown Edmond in late May or early June.

Tina and Alan Bevel are set to open the store on the first floor of the new Campbell Corner at Campbell and Broadway. The 2,300 square foot store will offer thousands of flavors of bottled soda pop and candy from all over the world. 

The Downtown Edmond Business Association is excited about the addition to Edmond’s downtown experience. Board President Stephanie Carel discussed the positive impact the store will have on the area. 

“We’ve actually been wanting a candy store in downtown Edmond for the past 10 years and we haven’t been able to make it stick the way we would like it to,” said Carel. “We are super excited that Rocket Fizz, a chain, is coming to the area.”

Rocket Fizz already has 75 franchise stores open nationwide, the closest of which is located in Frisco, Texas. This is the first Rocket Fizz to open in Oklahoma. The store will offer a variety of tin signs, movie and concert posters and retro and gag gifts along with its haul of soda and candy. 

Opening Rocket Fizz is certainly a boon for Downtown Edmond and reflects the growth the area has been experiencing for the past several years. 

“The shop will be great for the whole downtown,” said Carel. “There are a lot of exciting things happening down here, lots of new shops, so we think it will be a really great addition.”

Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop is ready to take off, bringing a little bit of unique flavor and a whole lot of fun along with it.