Despite a tragic tornado that depleted the town’s businesses and homes, recent commercial real estate developments have provided the community with something truly special—hope.

This hope can be seen through the many new businesses Moore has welcomed in the last year.  Commercial real estate editions have been popping up around town and range from retail to office to big box stores.  Moore’s recent real estate explosion is due to both the community’s highly ranked schools and population growth. 

“Moore is on the right path,” said local commercial real estate agent, Girma Moaning. “The citizens of Moore invest in their schools, roads, parks and quality of life initiatives which attract new residents. City leaders have a history of bringing new jobs and opportunities. When retailers see Moore’s growth and projected trajectory they are excited to come here and all these factors create a cycle of success for the city.” 

Not long ago, the city of Moore approved sales tax rebate deals to incentives new real estate developments. One of these incentives included a $2 million rebate for Warren Theaters to develop a new IMAX theater.

Perhaps one of the most talked about developments is happening on SW 19th St.  This location and the surrounding areas are looking to expand through the following businesses, many of which have already opened their doors: Winco, Pie Five Pizza, Pei Wei and Hideaway Pizza. Other businesses like At Home, Central Station Water Park, All About Cha, The Garage, Candy Castle Popcorn Palace, Sakana Sushi, Five Below, Slims Chicken and a new Braums have excited locals, as well. Recently the new $29 million Norman Regional Moore Medical Facility opened its doors, providing a crucial medical facility for the local community. 

Many more businesses are included in this commercial real estate boom.  These businesses breathe life into the community and have locals excited for a myriad of new offerings—just in time for summer!