Anyone who has ever lived through an Oklahoma summer knows what it feels like to be hot. 

Not warm, not slightly uncomfortable, but hot. The kind of hot you can’t escape. The kind of hot that makes you seriously contemplate your daily wardrobe and the way sweat stains will impact it. The kind of hot that makes your stomach turn even considering eating something warm, or turning on the oven, or standing outside for longer than 15 seconds. It’s because of this devil-dwelling heat that we’ve decided it is necessary to feature snow cone stands in this month’s Restaurant Spotlight. Below you’ll find the best local spot for shaved ice and our Linked snow cone recommendation.

Summer Snow Entertainment

In the Moore area, it’s all about Summer Snow Entertainment. The local joint has been slinging snow cones for over a decade, and with flavors like the Banana Cheesecake, Honey Dew Melon and Yellow Cake Batter, it’s no wonder the place is packed come summertime. Summer Snow Entertainment also provides event services for school parties, fund raisers, corporate events and more. Located at 1325 N Janeway Ave., Summer Snow Entertainment is the perfect place to cool off when the Oklahoma heat rolls in. With a myriad of flavors to choose from, it’s difficult to narrow the choice to just one snow cone. However, at Linked we took the bullet for our readers and taste tested a few of the most popular ice delights. Though Blackberry Daiquiri and Butter Pecan were delectable, we recommend the F5 Tiger’s Blood served in a real pineapple cup. It’s unique, fresh and delicious.  Consider the summer heat conquered.