Anyone who has ever lived through an Oklahoma summer knows what it feels like to be hot. 

Not warm, not slightly uncomfortable, but hot. The kind of hot you can’t escape. The kind of hot that makes you seriously contemplate your daily wardrobe and the way sweat stains will impact it. The kind of hot that makes your stomach turn even considering eating something warm, or turning on the oven, or standing outside for longer than 15 seconds. It’s because of this devil-dwelling heat that we’ve decided it’s necessary to feature snow cone stands in this month’s Restaurant Spotlight. Below you’ll find the best local spot for shaved ice and our Linked snow cone recommendation.

Trailer Trash Treatz

In the Choctaw/Harrah area, it’s all about Trailer Trash Treatz. The local joint has been slinging snow cones since 2012 and with flavors like Cupcake, Purple Rain and Banana Split, it’s no wonder the place is packed come summer. The mobile dessert stand is known for their “novelty shaved ice” and serves over 200 flavors to locals. Walk up to their 14101 NE 23rd St. location and you’re met with a little bit of kitsch and a whole lot of delish. 

“Trailer Trash Treatz is delicious,” said Josiah Zumwalt, a local from Choctaw. “There are so many unique flavors; it’s definitely my favorite snow cone stand.” 

We understand it’s difficult to narrow your choice to just one snow cone. However, at Linked we took the bullet for our readers and taste tested a few of the most popular ice delights. We recommend the Trashy Strawberry—a ludicrously luscious snow cone filled with ice cream, strawberry-flavored ice and topped with whipped cream, fresh strawberries and a chunk of delicious cheesecake. We couldn’t make this stuff up! Stop by Trailer Trash Treatz today and consider the heat conquered.