At Wind Drift Orchard in Harrah, miles of carefully planted trees are bustling with lively peaches and nectarines. Branches are bursting with fruit in different stages of growth, some readying for late summer while others are ripe and ready to be picked.

Wind Drift includes two U-pick style orchards, where individuals, families and groups can spend laid-back summer days picking and tasting fruit. The team at Wind Drift also offers guided picking experiences and tours. For peach lovers craving farm fresh fruit but lacking the time to gather their own, the orchard provides Pre-Picked and Fresh Frozen at the service center in the West Orchard.

“We are excited for our 2016 season,” said manager Bill Spencer.  “This has been a perfect growing season and we are anticipating one of our best crops. We have additional trees bearing fruit this year and all of our advancements are in place. Come visit us!”

The orchards were planned and planted for the U-pick experience. They are intentionally pruned so that branches, laden with gem colored fruits, are within the grasp of adults and children alike.

The orchard encompasses early season, midseason and late season harvests. Visitors who stop by in June can enjoy peach options like Blazing star, and Rising Star. In July, the trees hold white flesh nectarines, Glohaven, Topaz and Glowing Star peaches among others. August will offer the Blushing star, Arctic and summer pearl peaches. 

Day trips and events can be booked over the phone or online at