Oklahoma City Moms Blog Facilitates Bloom, An Event For Expectant and New Moms

Motherhood is wild. 

Not only are you producing a brand new life, but you’re also expected—with the help of your significant other—to dedicate your life helping that little person grow and develop into a decent human being. The connection mothers have with their children has been written about for generations; it is a connection that is deep, moving, scary and beautiful.  

No time in motherhood is quite as striking as the first few months. The earthshaking shift from life without a child to life with one is overwhelming, to say the least. Similarly, pregnancy brings with it changes both physically and mentally, giving moms-to-be feelings of deep vulnerability and awe. 

Oklahoma City Moms Blog knows better than most that the early days of motherhood and pregnancy are significant. The Oklahoma-based blog was created with the intention of helping mothers in the Oklahoma City area navigate the waters of motherhood. Founded by best friends Erin Cornell and Maria Clark, the OKC Moms Blog provides relevant resources and a supportive, diverse online community for local moms.

Through the City Moms Blog Network, Cornell and her team are excited to announce a fun, local event—Bloom, a morning dedicated to moms (who have had a baby within the last year) and moms-to-be.  

“We are really excited about Bloom,” said Erin Cornell. “It’s going to be a beautiful event for new moms and moms who are expecting to come together and receive some great resources.” 

Bloom will take place on April 30, from 9 a.m. until noon at the Garden Court at Westminster Presbyterian Church (4400 N Shartel Ave., Oklahoma City).  Cornell described the event as a lovely, relaxing morning where local women will receive relevant information about pregnancy, birth, raising children and ways to plan for the unexpected.  Cornell also pointed out that Bloom is meant to make moms feel calm and pampered—from the beautiful garden setting of Westminster Presbyterian Church, to the healthy (and not so healthy!) breakfast options, to the swag bags filled with necessary products. 

According to the event’s informational page, the OKC Moms Blog is “excited to be partnering with City Moms Blog Network and 40 of our other sister sites to bring local communities this event with an estimated attendance of over 3,000+ moms across the US!” Indeed, other cities such as Des Moines, Minneapolis and New Orleans have hosted Bloom events.   

With a network of support so vast, Bloom is sure to provide locals with the best of the best.  It will offer residential moms real advice from experts. Cornell also pointed out that the panel of experts will be diverse, practicing different types of birthing and parenting which allows for an inclusive, interesting avenue for discussion.  

“Bloom is a relevant event for moms and expecting moms in the community because we are trying to create an all encompassing event for pregnancy and newborn babies,” Cornell said.  

“We are hosting an expert panel that will consist of a doula, lactation consultant, sleep consultant and a pediatrician.  Come prepared for any questions you may have, in addition to visiting tables with some excellent Oklahoma City businesses that are ideal for all things baby!” 

Through incorporating both holistic and traditional types of medicine, Bloom gives moms space to ask questions and figure out what is best for them. During pregnancy and new motherhood, advice seems to appear out of thin air from everyone; Bloom empowers women to make their own decisions about their individual needs.  

When asked what advice she has for those looking to shower new moms with the perfect gift, Cornell said making dinner and delivering it was a thoughtful way to show appreciation.  It also goes without saying that a spot at Bloom (as of the time of print, entry was $10 per person) would be a gift that kept giving long after the sleep schedule became second nature.  

For those interested in more details about Bloom or Oklahoma City Moms Blog, visit oklahomacity.citymomsblog.com.