It’s only natural that when spring rolls around, people turn their attention to the skies. They check their storm cellars and begin diligently stocking them. If they don’t have storm cellars, they try to locate windowless spots in their house that are centrally located and pull out their trusty weather radio with the foot-long antennae. Not only do Oklahomans have to prepare for tornadoes, but floods, heavy winds and earthquakes are also definite realities in the Sooner State.

Oklahomans know that severe storms can harm or destroy anything in their path; however, when it comes to taking precautions concerning business data, many businesses avoid doing their due diligence in this arena. In the same way a house can be demolished by an F5 tornado, a company’s valuable data or an individual’s meticulously organized files can be obliterated by that same storm. Just as easily, an office can quickly flood, leaving its computers ruined. During the spring, it is especially important that businesses act proactively in order to protect their data. One local business is working hard to make this possible.

MIDCON Data is a full-service document management and storage business dedicated to a different kind of insurance. Their Oklahoma City climate-controlled bunkered data center is located in a seismic-rated, data center-storage facility that is built to withstand any kind of disaster. MIDCON’s storage facility can combat the impact of floods, tornadoes and earthquakes while providing businesses with relevant security options. They specialize in data recovery, data storage and document managing. MIDCON Data allows businesses to rest easy knowing that no storm, no flood and no F5 tornado will destroy their important documents and information.

For more information about data protection, call MIDCON Data at (405) 478-1234.