Bouncing back is difficult, but a local program, Rebuilding Together OKC, is dedicated to helping people do just that.   

Rebuilding Together OKC is a nonprofit organization that provides home renovations and rebuilds areas of the community so that local senior citizens in need can have a home that is safe, welcoming and warm.  They have two programs: a Year Round Program and Rebuilding Day. The Year Round Program was established to provide help and home repairs that cannot wait until spring. These repairs most often include: electrical, plumbing, bathrooms, porches, stairways and ramps. Over 300 homes per year are repaired, and for just $3,000, an entire home can be restored. 

The Rebuilding Day program has occurred every spring since 1992.  Over the course of the years, this one-day event has allowed volunteer teams to repair over 2,000 homes. The teams make repairs such as general cleaning, interior/exterior painting, laying carpet, repairing cabinets and countertops, floors and siding.  This year was no different.  

The 2016 Rebuilding Day occurred on Saturday, April 9 where individuals dedicated their time and energy while working on 30 homes in the Culbertson’s East Highland Neighborhood. 

Through working together and collaborating with Rebuilding Together OKC, local individuals were able to directly impact those in need by preparing their homes for the upcoming spring and summer.

If you’re interested in volunteering or would like more information about The Year Round Program, visit