Those who worry about the future of this country can take solace in knowing that there are Oklahoma teenagers out there like Samuel Sasser.  Samuel, or just “Sam” to his friends and family, is a senior at Deer Creek High School, and this summer he will embark on the journey of his life.   

Sam was recently accepted to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. and will begin his training this summer in what is known as Plebe Summer, the summer training program required of all incoming freshmen into the Naval Academy.  Its purpose is to “turn civilians into midshipmen.” 

Aside from the prestigious honor of being accepted into a highly regarded institution, Sam also made the USNA crew team.  This detail  is very dear to Samuel—Sam’s grandfather was also on the USNA crew team from 1952-56. 

Sam has always been a leader and goal oriented individual.  He loves running and was part of his high school track team until he realized that he had a knack for rowing.  After recognizing his potential behind the oar, Sam tried out for the Oklahoma City Chesapeake Jr. Crew, where his rowing time was considered stellar. 

Apart from school and rowing, Sam considers himself a patriotic young man with a true desire to take his natural strengths and make a real change in the world.  When asked about his plans after the Naval Academy, Sam said that it will depend on the state of the country.  If all is right in the world, then he would like to settle down with a family and maybe involve himself in local politics. However, if there is a need for a good, dedicated soldier, then Sasser said he was ready to take on that role.