Northside Oklahoma City will soon be awash in the glorious smells and delightful tastes of a new, one-of-a-kind bakery that specializes in doughnuts and macarons. Belle Kitchen, which is located at 7509 N. May Avenue, has had an online presence since early 2015 and has also been providing baked deliciousness at the OSU/OKC Farmer's Market on weekends. The opening of a brick-and-mortar location marks a new beginning for this gourmet bakery, which only uses the finest, all-natural ingredients for all their handmade treats. 

"Everything we do is hand-crafted, from simple, great ingredients," Cheryl Belle, owner of Belle Kitchen, said. "We're all about bringing things back to their origins." 

Aside from all the homespun goodies that Belle Kitchen prepares, they are also offering one-of-a-kind classes in the art of making macarons. There are classes ranging from beginner to advanced, as well as classes dedicated to making fillings for and decorating your macarons. If macarons are not your thing, there will also be classes focused on making doughnuts, breads and other baked delicacies. Belle Kitchen has a nice, large cooking space with plenty of room, so that those who participate will get a "hands on" learning experience, instead of just a classroom-type setting. 

Belle Kitchen will also be serving only the finest hand-roasted coffee to go along with their large assortment of doughnuts and macarons. They have offerings like the Drizzled Salted Caramel Doughnut with Fun Sprinkles on Top, and the doughnut and macaron hybrid they've dubbed, Doughmac, which paired with a nice, locally-roasted cup of joe, will surely brighten up even the dreariest of mornings. 

Belle Kitchen brings plenty of variety to their game, which can be seen not only in the bountiful doughnut and macaron selection, but also in the form of scrumptious cinnamon rolls, eclairs and artisan breads. Everything at Belle Kitchen is baked in-house daily and only made from 100 percent all-natural ingredients (except for the sprinkles, but hey, live a little). 

Joining Belle is pastry chef Shelby Sieg. Sieg comes to Oklahoma City after many years experience in a two-Michelin-star restaurant. While Belle brings knowledge of doughnuts and macarons, Sieg brings a skill set for nearly everything else. 

With summer approaching and temperatures rising, it will also be a treat that Bell Kitchen offers homemade ice cream. They will even help design a custom ice cream flavor for your party or get together. How cool is that? Ice cream cool. Be sure to swing by soon to see what the buzz is about, and check them out on Facebook or Instagram for pictures you wish you could eat, or visit their website at