For April’s Restaurant Spotlight it’s all about Mom and brunch—two things so dear to my heart. Okay, I don’t enjoy brunch nearly as much as I love my mom, but brunch is definitely a weekly-must of mine. I am not the only one obsessed with this dynamic duo of breakfast and lunch. In fact, more and more restaurants are offering weekend brunch—Oklahomans just can’t get enough of it! Many blame millennials for the sudden brunch trend, but, if you ask me, the trend is a pretty tasty one. Who can complain about a meal where it’s socially acceptable to sleep in, drink booze and devour a Nutella and strawberry Belgian waffle?

Brunching (yes, it is now a verb) will be even more delightful this month when it’s enjoyed with the sweetest company—mom. It’s April and if you’ve forgotten, Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. For me, Mother’s Day is something I take seriously. It’s one day a year that I actually stop and thank my mom for how supportive, sacrificial and loving she is. So this year, join me and take your mom out for brunch. Let her have all the bacon and glasses of chocolate milk she desires, and of course, pick up the tab. 

I searched Choctaw and Harrah high and low and tried many different brunch spots—you’re welcome—and found the perfect place for you and your family to celebrate the lovely woman who, if we’re being honest, holds the family together.

Creperie & European Café

Creperie & European Café has been Midwest City’s best-kept secret for the past two and a half years. The local café specializes in crepes, a thinner-type pancake that is also known as nalysnyky in Ukraine. No matter what you decide to call it, their crepes are completely fresh-to-order, and you can actually watch the owner, Genna, prepare them on a large skillet. 

Their menu has both sweet and savory options. Some of their popular crepes are the chicken pesto, strawberries & cream and the bacon, egg and cheese. Along with their delectable crepes, Creperie & European Café also has homemade soups, shepherd’s pie, sandwiches and salads. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, I’d recommend the Nutella and strawberry crepe that is filled with—you guessed it—Nutella and strawberries and topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. 

Creperie & European Café is located on S Douglas Blvd next to the Tinker Tag Agency. They are open weekdays from 6:30 a.m to 3 p.m. and on Saturdays 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information about Creperie & European Café, call (405) 455- 1474.